Monday, December 19, 2005


December 9, 2005 In The News.

Well, I was looking at the In The News Blog and noticed that December 9's PodCast was not on there. I guess I didn't put it here. I am sorry about that. I saw only 2 and I knew there were more. Listen to it and email us about anything!!! Click Here.


December 19, 2005 In the News.

Welcome back again. We hope your weekend was fun and restfull too. This week's article was about a "linked" fatal car crash to the police. Listen to it, see if you can understand the story, then listen to the translation. Click Here.

Holiday season is coming and I hope things are getting festive in your life. I just love Christmas and all of the love it brings. We at OES hope you have a great holiday. If you have any fun stories about what you did or will do, send it to us. We would love to have a Christmas vacation PodCast.

If you have Skype, a type of computer/internet phone system for your computer, and you would like to call us, we are On-Air every Monday, 1:00pm, Japan time. Our Skype phone number is oespodcast.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


December 12, 2005

Well, we are back just 3 days after our last PodCast. We only did 1 news article, not the usual 2 or 3. If you have any comments or articles you think would be nice to talk about, email it to us at with "PodCast" in the subject.Click here.

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