Monday, December 19, 2005


December 19, 2005 In the News.

Welcome back again. We hope your weekend was fun and restfull too. This week's article was about a "linked" fatal car crash to the police. Listen to it, see if you can understand the story, then listen to the translation. Click Here.

Holiday season is coming and I hope things are getting festive in your life. I just love Christmas and all of the love it brings. We at OES hope you have a great holiday. If you have any fun stories about what you did or will do, send it to us. We would love to have a Christmas vacation PodCast.

If you have Skype, a type of computer/internet phone system for your computer, and you would like to call us, we are On-Air every Monday, 1:00pm, Japan time. Our Skype phone number is oespodcast.

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